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A Bit of History on the 4th Generation SS Monte Carlo

  The SS Monte Carlo. The last of the big muscle cars. Monte Carlos came with the L69 305, which produced 165HP in 1983 and 180 HP from 1984-1988. For the 180 HP version, Chevrolet put in the following components: a Quadrajet 795 CFM 4BBL carburetor (E4MC - non-electric, E4ME - electric), an L-81 Corvette camshaft, and Camaro crossfire heads. The heads have 58cc chambers and produce 9.5:1 compression.  
  For the suspension, Chevrolet put in the same F-41 suspension that the Z-28 Camaro had. This includes having coil-over shocks in the front. The tranny in the 1983 and 1984 models was the TH350. Also in 1984, the TH200-4R overdrive was an option (only 3 were sold). In 1985, it became the standard. For rear gears, the TH350 was paired with a 3.42 gear, and the TH200-4R was paired with a 3.73 gear. The stall converter used all around was 1900RPM.  
  This information is as best I can find. I have not personally researched any of it to verify its integrity.  

Current News

  12-18-2011 - The '86 SS Monte Carlo has been sold to my brother. I am not sure what kind of project I will be working on in the future, but I will make sure to start a new page as time permits. This page will remain as a source for information.  
  12-29-2008 - Not much has happened with my '86 SS project this past year. Just had other things going on, such as my '02 Mini Cooper S and club events thereof. I pulled the LT1 block apart about three months ago, and the walls have some scarring. Come tax season, I will get it bored and put in new pistons, possibly forged. Earlier this year, I did at least make the effort to order a new replacement cam, new roller lifters, and a Professional Products 52mm throttle body with universal linkage.  
  12-31-2007 - Happy New Year! Well, I finally finished my associate's degree in May 2007. Prior to that, I sold the '88 Camaro (in August 2006). I still miss it, but I just had too many projects going at one time. That is also the reason why I got rid of the '85 SS and the 385 stroker engine that was going in it. Back in the spring, I picked up a buddy's modified LT1. I am currently working on getting that put in my '86 SS; now it will be fuel injected. This motor ran 12.30s in the 1/4 mile and an impressive 11.58 on a 75-shot. I will not be putting nitrous right now. The engine swap should be done by the end of January 2008.  
  7-12-2005 - It has been well over a year since I have given this web section my attention. My primary reason has been my return to college, along with my racecar being off the road for more than a year. I am hoping to be posting more on a regular basis now.  
  Shortly before going to the race track in April 2004, I determined the 16" electic fan was not cooling efficiently. So, I put the flex fan back on. Unfortunately, I only made one pass before puffing white smoke. After breaking down the old engine, I learned the #5 piston was missing two inches along the right edge. Interestingly, the piston rings remained intact.  
  I have put a new engine in my '85 SS. Pictures and stats should be up sometime in the near future. Progress on it has been very slow this summer, as I recently changed jobs, and I am taking an online summer class.  
  I also acquired an '88 IROC-Z Camaro back in December 2004. I will be posting pictures and repair data as soon as I get the chance.  

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Pictures of my '85 SS Monte Carlo

Pictures of my '86 SS Monte Carlo


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