Old 2008 News

  12-27-2008 03:18 EST  
    New Tape Drive - The Compaq DLT7000 35/70GB DLTIV tape drive in my file server has been replaced with a Sony SDX-500C 50/130GB Ultra-2 Wide LVD SCSI tape drive. The appropriate setup page has been updated to reflect this upgrade.  
    New NAS - No sooner than I picked up the new Sony SDX-500C tape drive, I broke down and bought a Netgear RND2150 NAS with two Seagate ST3500320AS 500GB 7200 RPM SATA-II hard drives w/32MB cache each. This will be phased in as a replacement to my tape backup solutions, as the upgrade to the Dell gigabit switch should help surpass the tape drive backup speeds. I may use it for additional storage options. As such, the NAS will be set up with a RAID 1 mirror configuration. Pictures will be posted as soon as it arrives.  
  12-14-2008 21:25 EST  
    Server Rebuild - After months of off-and-on attempts, I have successfully rebuilt my file server. The new configuration includes dual Xeon 2.8 GHz CPUs w/1MB L2 cache, a Tyan S5350 (7320) motherboard, and 4GB Appro (Wintec) DDR-266 ECC registered SDRAM. The only setback was the AMI MegaRAID Elite 1600 (493) adapter did not want to cooperate with the build. A new setup web page has been posted.  
  11-12-2008 22:46 EST  
    New Switch - One of my Netgear FS524 switches has been replaced with a Dell PowerConnect 2724 gigabit Ethernet switch. The setup page has been updated to reflect this upgrade.  
  11-9-2008 00:52 EST  
    New Laptop - I purchased a used Dell Latitude D600 about three months ago. A new setup page has been added for it.  
    Changed Drives - The Seagate ST318416W Ultra-160 18GB and Quantum Atlas IV 36GB Ultra-160 SCSI drives in my file server have been replaced with three Quantum Atlas 10K II 36GB Ultra-160 LVD SCSI drives. The appropriate setup page has been updated to reflect the upgrades.  
    I've been more outgoing this past summer, which is part of the reason I have not been posting as much. Another reason is I really got burned out trying to rebuild my file server. I purchased two more Intel SHG2 boards, as well as a Tyan S5350 board, and I am currently unable to get a video spike with them. I have two separate sets of Xeon processors, and I have tested and verified the power supply is good. I'm hoping to have better luck in the near future.  
  4-27-2008 14:30 EST  
    New RAID Array - Two of the Quantum Atlas 10K II 36GB drives in one of my file server RAID arrays developed errors last week. I have had a few problems in the past, and I am unsure if it was due to bad cables, bad terminators, or bad drives. Since I had bought a box of Seagate Cheetah ST173404LCV U160 LVD SCSI 73GB drives last year, I decided to put four in a new RAID 5 array. I also swapped out the two AMI MegaRAID Express 200 (466) controllers for a single AMI MegaRAID Elite 1600 (493) U160 LVD PCI-X controller. The file server setup page has been updated to reflect these upgrades.  
  2-14-2008 12:35 EST  
    Updated Links Page - There are a few changes to my links page. ULi was bought out by nVidia awhile back, but I am unable to find a webpage that lists the old chipsets (which were initially created by ALi). Exabyte was bought out by Tandberg Data in 2006; one link has been exchange for the other. CompUSA is going out of business. The Computer Archival Photography Project was initially located at another website. I made several attempts to contact the original designer, but he never let me know his intentions. So, I am running a copy here until I hear otherwise.  

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