Old 2006 News

  12-13-2006 18:36 EST  
    Processor Upgrade - My file server has been having erroneous problems running burning software. Since I believed this is a result of two mismatched CPUs, I have installed two Pentium III 500s in it. The appropriate setup page has been updated to reflect this change.  
    My main server upgrade project is has been greatly delayed, mainly due to college life. I am hoping to make some progress on it over the next month or so.  
  10-7-2006 1:16 EST  
    Changed Drive - The Seagate ST318203LW 18.2GB Ultra-2 Wide LVD SCSI HDD in my main server kept producing access errors, including being properly recognized by the SCSI controller. It has been changed out with a Quantum Atlas 10K 18WLS 18GB Ultra-160 LVD SCSI HDD. The appropriate setup page has been updated to reflect this change.  
    Updated Processor Page Layout - The Processor Specification webpage has been divided into separate pages based on the processor manufacturer. I am hoping to get some major updating done to these webpages in the near future, along with much-needed updates to the processor Clock webpages.  
  9-6-2006 16:00 EST  
    More Storage - I have added an additional Seagate ST318275LW 18GB Ultra-2 LVD SCSI HDD to my main server. The setup page for it has been updated.  
  9-2-2006 12:30 EST  
    Website Temporarily Down - Due to Tropical Depression Ernesto, CyberTekIt was down for approximately 13 hours yesterday. No further interruptions will be anticipated in the near future.  
  8-30-2006 02:35 EST  
    More Goodies - I have purchase a few more goodies over the past couple of months. They are: Saitek X-52 Joystick (main workstation), Pioneer DVR-K16 dual-layer DVD burner (Dell laptop), Proview 17" LCD monitor (two servers), and a DiscZerver Cyclone CD image NAS unit. The appropriate setup pages have been updated to reflect the upgrades. I hope to get some photos of the DiscZerver NAS up soon.  
  8-5-2006 14:10 EST  
    Computer Picture Archive - I have added a new section to my website. Inspired by CPAP, I plan to add alot more pictures over time. I have acquired alot of computer hardware over the years (of which should have been sold a long time ago). Enjoy!  
  7-19-2006 22:48 EST  
    Dell Laptop Fixed - I finally fixed my Dell Inspiron 7500 laptop. The 15" SXGA+ LCD and battery have been replaced, and a Hitachi 60GB 7200 RPM drive has been installed. The setup page has been updated.  
  5-18-2006 16:18 EST  
    Tape Drive Upgrade - The Quantum DLT2000XT 15/30GB tape drive in my file server has been replaced with a Compaq DLT7000 35/70GB TH6AE-HT tape drive. The file server setup page has been updated to show the upgrade. The old drive will be placed in my main server.  
  3-31-2006 16:18 EST  
    RAID Controller Swap - The AMI MegaRAID 1200 controller in my file server has been replaced with another AMI MegaRAID 200 (466) Express controller. The setup page for the file server has been updated to show the upgrade.  
  3-29-2006 14:09 EST  
    Secondary Workstation Upgrade - I have upgraded my secondary workstation with the following: Microstar MS-6570 motherboard, PNY GeForce 5700 Ultra AGP 8x video card w/128MB DDR2 SDRAM, and a Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 PCI sound card. The setup page has been updated to reflect these upgrades.  
      I did originally have the Epox EP-8KRAIPRO in my secondary workstation. Unfortunately, the circuit wiring cooked. The company I ordered it from caused me great headaches, for which I had to report them to the BBB to get a RMA refund. The MS-6570 board was a freebie from a colleague of mine.  
  3-22-2006 12:40 EST  
    A Smaller Drive Upgrade - The two Seagate ST39175LC 9.1GB Ultra-2 Wide SCA LVD SCSI hard drives in my file server have been replaced with two Quantum Atlas IV WLS 36GB Ultra-160 LVD SCSI hard drives. The setup page has been updated.  
  3-21-2006 1:25 EST  
    Upgraded RAID - I have upgraded my RAID array in my file server! It now has a total of 10 Quantum Atlas 10K II 36GB Ultra-160 LVD SCSI hard drives. It is configured into two sets of four drives, each with a 108GB capacity. Two drives are configured as hot spares. I have pulled my MegaRAID 1200 out of retirement, for now, as each array is running on a separate controller. I should be receiving another MegaRAID Express 200 soon. Also, each will be upgraded to 64MB of onboard RAM. New pictures have been posted on the setup page.  
  2-25-2006 1:57 EST  
    New Pictures - New pictures of my computer setup have been posted. Each computer setup page has been updated.  
  1-29-2006 16:20 EST  
    Upgraded RAID Controller - The AMI MegaRAID 1200 (428) UWSCSI controller in my file server has been swapped out with an AMI MegaRAID Express 200 (466) Ultra-2 Wide LVD SCSI Controller. The setup page for the file server has been updated to show the upgrade.  
    Motherboard Swapout - The motherboard in my secondary workstation is still producing BSODs. This is the reason I built my new main workstation to begin with last month. The BSODs are interpreted as bugchecks, and the workstation reboots immediately after the error occurs (0x0000000a errors). This is occurring with my TV tuner, and it is plugged into the same slot as my sound card was previously when this was my main workstation. Before, playing videos with sound or MP3 files in Winamp would cause BSODs. I speculated the PCI slot was bad, but, after some driver shuffling, I have determined the Via chipset drivers (v4.56) were the problem. I am back to v4.43.  
    The motherboard replacement will be an EPOX EP-8KRAIPRO. The only con I have is it has only two DIMM module slots. The board upgrade will also include 1GB DDR-400 SDRAM. The setup page for this system will be updated as soon as the parts are installed.  
  1-7-2006 19:56 EST  
    Setup Page Updated - I have updated the Setup page to reflect the upgrades to both my main and secondary workstations. My old main workstation is now my secondary workstation. The motherboard turned out OK, thanks to a recent purchase of a CompUSA motherboard tester. Updated pictures and new benchmarks will be posted as soon as I get them.  
    Broken Scanner - My old Microtek Scanmaker E3 broke last month. It appears three of the capacitors are bad. I may repair it in the future, but I am currently looking for another one, preferably USB.  
    Broken Laptop - My Dell Inspiron 7500 laptop display died a couple of months ago. Since a replacement will run about $300, so I have decided to decommission it. The IBM 12GB drive has been put back in my Gateway Solo 2500 laptop. I am looking for another laptop, and it will more than likely be used, too.  
    New Server???? - I am currently working on an upgrade for my main server. It will be a dual Pentium 4 Xeon system, based on an Intel SHG2 motheboard (I already have this). I am currently deciding between 1.8 GHz and 2.2 GHz for the processor speeds. The CPUs will definitely have at least 512K L2 cache apiece.  

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