Old 2004 News

  12-9-2004 8:38 EST  
    Video Card Upgrade - After four years of fanastic use, I finally made the plunge to purchase my first non-3Dfx video card. My main workstation now has an MSI G4Ti4600-VTD w/128MB DDR SDRAM. However, I have installed the Voodoo5 5500 in my secondary workstation, so it will be around for awhile longer. The setup page has been updated to reflect the upgrades.  
  10-15-2004 8:38 EST  
    Hard Drive Upgrade - The hard drives in my main workstation have been upgraded to the same Quantum Altas 10K drives in the RAID 5 array. The computer setup page has been updated to reflect the upgrade.  
  10-4-2004 22:40 EST  
    Processor Upgrade - I acquired another system that had an Athlon 850 in it. This has been installed in my secondary workstation. The setup page and Wintune results have been updated appropriately.  
  9-25-2004 23:10 EST  
    DVD Upgrade - I finally bought my DVD burner combo upgrade. The setup webpage has been updated to reflect the new hardware. The old dual PII-400 server does not even blink an eye at burning.  
  9-7-2004 23:16 EST  
    RAID Upgrade - The four Seagate 9GB drives have been changed out with four Quantum Atlas 10K 18GB drives, effectively doubling the array's capacity to 54GB. Even though the drives are Ultra-160, and the controller is only UWSCSI, there is a noticeable improvement in speed. My goal is to rebuild the array to four 36GB drives by the end of the year.  
  8-15-2004 18:24 EST  
    Main Server Video Card Upgrade - My main server video card has been upgraded from an old S3 Virge DX w/4MB to an ATI Radeon VE w/32MB. Wintune results have been posted to reflect it.  
  7-10-2004 21:13 EST  
    Main Server Drives Changed - My main server hard drives have been upgraded back to Seagate Cheetah drive performance. I have also installed individual hard drive coolers, which should dramatically reduce future bearing failure.  
    Main Workstation Processor Upgraded - In rebuilding my secondary workstation, I fried the Athlon XP 1600+ that was in my main workstation while trying out a motherboard that ended up being bad. Since then, I have installed an Athlon XP 2400+ processor. I researched others who had used up to an Athlon XP 2200+, even though Tyan formally supports the 1700+ as the maximum speed. I would suspect the S2390B supports up to the 2600+, as it is the maximum Athlon that runs with a 266 MHz bus. Wintune benchmark results have also been posted.  
  6-27-2004 21:41 EST  
    Secondary Workstation Results Posted - The Wintune benchmark results have been posted. The numbers were fairly impressive when compared to the other systems.  
  6-24-2004 23:54 EST  
    More Upgrades - My secondary workstation has been upgraded to an AMD Athlon 600 system. One of the IBM DCAS 34330 4.3 GB drives and the Seagate ST19171WC drive were changed out in favor of two IBM DGHS-09Y 9.1GB drives. Wintune benchmarks will be updated soon to reflect these upgrades.  
  6-16-2004 23:54 EST  
    Web Page Updates - I have spent the past four weeks updating the Processor and Chipset webpages. The last one posted will be the VIA Chipset page, and it should be up soon. I have also updated the Links page.  
  3-24-2004 10:19 EST  
    RAID Change - The RAID 5 array took a dump last week. I have been having ongoing problems which I believe is attributable to the case the drives were in. I have readjusted the array with only four drives instead of seven, and I have moved them to an older case. Since I had to reduce the size of the array, I am making provisions to put another four-drive array online soon.  
    Hard Drive Swaps - Continued problems with the remaining Seagate Cheetah ST39102LW 9.1GB drives in the main server forced me to changed them over to IBM DGHS-09Y 9.1GB drives as well. However, I have recently acquired some more of the Cheetah drives, and these should be online soon.  
  1-26-2004 12:16 EST  
    Hard Drive Swap - One of the Seagate Cheetah ST39102LW 9.1GB drives in my main server started making loud bearing noises. It has been replace with a spare IBM / SGI Ultrastar DGHS-09Y 9.1GB drive.  

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