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Chart of Connections IP / Subnet Addressing
FT-1 / T1 / T2 / T3 / T4 / T5 Ethernet Networks
ISDN Info on Building a Home Network
DSL / xDSL Type of Ethernet Network for Home
Cable Modem Networking and Internet Terms
Gigabit (Gigapop)  
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General Network-Related Sites

    ATM Technology A general description.  
    Broadband Reports Includes information on ISPs and tons of hardware forums.  
    Cable Digital News Find out which cable modems are DOCSIS compliant.  
    Cable Modem Help A great broadband resource, including sharing a cable modem, troubleshooting, and security tips.  
    Cable Modem Info Information on cable modem and DSL technologies. The site includes reviews on various cable modems and routers. Also included are links to the major vendors' websites. The Cable Modem Information Network. Website includes tips for tuning broadband connection speeds, information on locating broadband providers in your area, and an Internet speed tester. store. - Links Includes links to several cable modem information sites.  
    DCB Info: T1 - T4 Includes a history of T-x Internet connections and a breakdown of DSx lines.  
    DSL Forum Explains the difference between xDSL technologies and offers a forum for users to exchange DSL information.  
    Gibson Research Corporation Maker of the famous utility Spinrite. Also a good website for testing your computer's or router's security using the Shields Up option.  
    International Engineering Consortium The IEC has resources explaining optical ethernet technology.  
    The Internet 2 In existence since 1996, this project has over 200 participating universities, 14 corporations, 41 affiliates, and over 30 individual gigapops. Major company members include Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, and IBM. Go to the Site Index and scroll down to the "GigaPop List" to learn more about the network structure.  
    IPxStream Geared toward VoIP and IPTV systems.  
    ISDN Tutorial A full layout of ISDN, including its history data rate capabilities.  
    Mapnet A tool for graphically visualizing the Internet backbone.  
    Navas Cable Modem / DSL Tuning Guide Information on tweaking your network settings. I have had better luck implementing the settings recommended by SpeedGuide, for which there is a link below.  
    Russ Haynal's ISP Map Page This site provides links to network-related information for many of the major Internet backbone providers. Some Internet map links are outdated and may not function.  
    Solvereports - Internet Speed List Includes a description of major Internet connections and a chart of connection speeds. Test the speed of your Internet connection from one of several major metropolitan locations around the U.S. Optimize your cable modem's performance. SpeedGuide also provides reviews on some routers. A global broadband bandwidth test website.  
    vBNS+ A division of MCI, vBNS+ specializes in high-bandwidth applications.  
    Virginia Tech One of the top technological universities in the nation. Use the search option to look up network-related material.  
    WHNet: Network Speeds A full listing of Internet connection types and speeds.  
    Wi-Fi Alliance Formed in 1999 to help certify interoperability of wireless products, the Wi-Fi alliance has over 300 sponsors, regulars, and affiliates.  

Network Security Sites

    DoS Help Desk Lots of useful information about anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewalls, trojan ports, and other security information.  
    DShield Learn which ports have been attacked across the world. Also, find out if your IP, or other IPs in your firewall log, have been cracked.  
    Gibson Research Corporation One of the first websites dedicated to Internet connection security.  
    PC Flank A security site that offers several types of scan tests against your Internet connection. It also includes FAQ about computer security.  
    Simovits Consulting - Ports Database Find out the most popular attacked ports and which operating systems are affected.  

    Additional reference: "Networking with Microsoft TCP/IP" by Drew Heywood, MCSE. I highly recommend picking up this book. Any subsequent info pages (i.e. info on some of the connections) are to be included in this mentioning of references. ISBN: 0-7357-0014-1  

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