Although I have always enjoyed being around F15s, F16s, and Apaches, my love for the skies became more appreciated when I went to the EAA air show in Osh Kosh in 1993. Thanks to Mr. Bottom, a wonderful man who helps make dreams come true, I have been to this air show four times. This is the mother of all air shows, lasting a week and drawing 800,000-1,000,000 visitors.

If you have a love of aircraft, expect to see just about every type there. In my four trips, I have seen a good assortment of B17s, P51 "Mustangs," P38s, T34s, and lots of "ultralights." If you have any understanding of what Woodstock is, then believe me when I say that this is the Woodstock of air shows, only it happens every year. That is what Tom Inman says when he tells newcomers that come with us about the airshow.

Aircraft Pictures

NOTE - All aircraft pictures posted were taken at the national air show in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin. No breach of security regarding stealth aircraft was broken in any way, shape, or form in taking these photos.

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