Old 2002 News

  2-22-2002 - Well, it's been awhile since I have posted any information. My '85 SS Monte has been running well for the most part. I now have Mickey Thompson Sportsman tires on the rear all the time. The posi unit I had purchased awhile back went to my buddy Jim. I'm currently working hard at acquiring another one. If I don't, I'm going to just buy one new. The rear end will also get some fresh Moser or Strange axles in the process.  
  After the rear end is done, I'm going to finish getting the parts for my new engine. It will definitely be another 350, not a stroker. The new plant will utilize an Edelbrock Torker II intake and a Crane solid lift cam among other parts.  
  I have some new pictures on my engine page. The ones that were there were from the original engine setup. Since then, the Terantula intake has been swapped with a Performer RPM. Also, the engine color has changed a bit.  
  Jim has changed projects again. He's now driving an '86 Z-28 Camaro. It's got some decent get-up. Hehe, actually, it's one of the baddest rides on the road now. Come track time, it should run low 11s.  
  4-24-2002 - Progress on my '85 has been slow. I've spent the last three weekends (going on four) redoing the rear end. I'm installing a 2-series posi unit and a 4.10 gear. In the process, I have replaced the studs on both axles. I have passed up getting new axles; the old ones are still in good condition. After the rear end is back together, I'm going to drive the '85 SS for a bit longer. Then I will begin building the new 350 engine.  
  After the rear end is redone in my '85 SS, I will see about doing some work on the '86 SS. It needs the T-top seals replaced, along with new exhaust manifold gaskets and a new exhaust system. I will have installed the same setup as the '85 SS (prior to the current engine): an aftermarket catalytic converter flowing through 2.5" pipe to two-chamber Flowmaster mufflers.  
  Jim and I went to the Test-n-Tune shootout at Dinwiddie (Virginia Motorsports Park) back in March. It was really cool, the first time I have been to a major event. We saw plenty of 6-second rides! The best part was we were allowed to stand right next to them in the burnout box, as we raced, too.  
  5-30-2002 - The rear end for the '85 SS is almost complete. I ran into an old friend that has the necessary tools to finish it. I should be putting in my SS this weekend. Once in, I will drive the '85 SS for another couple of months before pulling it off the road again to redo the engine.  
  The '86 SS has been running strong and well. I have performed a good amount of routine maintenance on it lately. In The '86 headed to the track a couple of weeks ago just to see what it could run. The best of two runs was a 15.62 @87 Mph. Not bad for a stock motor. I'm pleased with its progress and power.  
  6-18-2002 - The '85 SS is back on the road! The 4.10 gear and posi unit feel great. I also took the opportunity to put a fresh coat of ultra flat black paint on it. Of course, problems always arise. I have to replace the water pump in the next couple of days.  
  The next project will be putting in a new engine, as I have mentioned off and on in the past. This will hopefully take place within the next three months or so. I'm still shooting for a low 12-second engine. I don't have many parts to go... the cam, lifters, valves and rockers for the heads, an intake, and new pistons (depending on whether the current engine is bad or not).  
  9-7-2002 - Not long after I had the new rear end in, I had to replace my axle seals. Seems the vent tube near the gear housing was clogged, and we overlooked it. I definitely made sure it was cleaned thoroughly before replacing the seals. Everything has been fine with it since then.  
  Most of the remaining parts needed for my new engine are on order. I should have it built within the next two weeks. I am looking forward to going to Super Chevy in October at Virginia Motorsports Park. Come out and meet us there!  
  12-28-2002 - A few changes have been made to both the '85 SS and the '86 SS. The '85 SS has received a new engine that will hopefully be in the mid to low-12s. Unfortunately, the engine has proven to be a challenge. After putting it in, it was discovered that the number 2 cylinder was dead. I was using another Comp 292H Cam (not what I wanted, though), so I put in the old one from the other engine. Now I have a knocking lifter. I have put in new lifters, but the knock is still there. Also, I am having idle problems. The causes identified are a Victor intake that has been polished too much (for which the fuel cannot atomize) and a bad power valve in the carburetor.  
  I will rebuild the carburetor as soon as funds permit. I will also change the intake. I'm not sure what I am going to put on as of yet. Also, I will be picking up a 3" exhaust setup from a buddy who has an '85 SS himself. Hopefully, I will be posting pictures of the new engine soon.  
  The '86 SS is still running good, though the valve seals are getting worse. The front Rockford Fosgate speakers had to be replaced, as one of them was beginning to produce distortion. In addition to replacing them, I put in filters to tone down how much power they receive. When the '86 SS was due for inspection, I had to install new front brakes, rotors, and bearings. The steering wheel tilt also had to be tightened. Unfortunately, the company sheered the cruise control wiring. The other day, I put in a new cruise control signal lever. Also, I painted the backside of the dashplate which reflects light back onto the gauges. It is definitely brighter now.  

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